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The Cinderella Matrix

Book One: City of Cinders

Cindira’s running out of time.

Time to find her father.
Time to save the Prince from danger.
Time to unravel the secrets of The Kingdom.

The VR program her mother created before her death builds castles, breathes life into dragons, and makes the fairytale platform not only possible, but highly profitable. But The Kingdom has also made Cindira a servant, forcing her to clean up messy lines of code and writing new ones for things like ball gowns and satin sheets to satisfy the selfish whims of her step-sister.  At least Cindira can take pride in maintaining her mother’s legacy. That is, until she discovers that someone may be trying to destroy it, and many of those she cares for along with it. Only she has the knowledge needed to save them, but first, she’ll need to save herself.

Is there enough time? Maybe, but midnight is coming soon.